IL is the Mayan word for vision. 

We are a group based in Mexico that operates in the fields of urbanism, 

architecture & research.

The firm was established in 2017 under the creative direction of our two 

architect founders Alan Saucedo & Joaquín Fábrega.

Pioneers of Productive Architecture.




In IL Studio, we enrich entrepreneurship by generating new spaces with multifunctional areas for the generation of economic income. We combine aesthetics with technology to generate an innovative design that meets time, quality and cost.


We solve social and environmental problems by creating spaces that improve the economy and tourism of the site, in addition to the education of its inhabitants. We work hand in hand with users using communication networks for the development and planification of cities. 



Design the future milestones, creating the most innovative, technological and multifunctional projects in the world. 

Offer income-generating spaces for the improvement of our clients economy. 

Transmit our knowledge to future generations to successfully follow the continuous improvement of urban planning and architecture.